Only the Irish People Can Change the Irish Constitution. So our Signatures as with the Future lies in our own Hands.

We have as Irish Citizens a Sovereign Responsibility to the Welfare of our State and to one Another. So it is time for us now as a Mature Sovereign Nation to Honour that Obligation.

A Citizens Address


A Brief Summary of Direct Democracy

Courtesy of Mr. John Moran



As the above title implies, we are not living in a Democracy. We are Existing in a Dysfunctional Society. That is of course unless you are fortunate enough to be Wealthy, in which case you are Living in a Dysfunctional Society Read more . The sense of Justice in our Humanity regardless of our Background, Privileges, or Political Persuasions, should tell us that this is Unacceptable and that Together United we Must Become Actively Involved to Resolve it. It is in our Gift United to Establish whatever Republic we want. This has always been our Position since 1922. At any time United we could have exercised our Democratic Right to be Heard, but we Remained Silent. Generation after Generation we have Remained Subservient, Apathetic, and Silent towards the Failures of the Irish  State. This Undemocratic Mind Set in Conjunction with our hands off Self Imposed Exile from the Very Crucial Process of Citizens with Professional Guidance Initiating Local and National Policies, have Facilitated Greedy Vested Interests and Wealthy Businesses to Influence both National Policies and Parliamentarian Legislation for their own Enrichment, to the Detriment of the Irish State and its Citizens. So if you want to Honour the Legitimate Revolutionaries of Ireland’s past, then Stop Celebrating their Deaths and Help to Establish the Irish Republic they Fought for Peacefully and Democratically by Signing our Citizens Amendment Petition and Help to Establish a True Democratic Citizens Republic. YOURS SINCERELY MARTIN PAUL WALSH (WWW.UNITECITIZENS.COM) JOHN MORAN ( YOUR-RIGHTS-AND-THE-LAW.COM )... read more

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