The Citizen’s Amendment Petition

To the President and Taoiseach of Ireland

Reinstate the Repealed Articles 47, 48, 50 and Section 2 to Article 27, into the present day 1937 Irish Constitution.

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Martin Walsh

"I believe this Legal and Constitutional Provision that is Direct
Democracy, has the Potential, with Non-Bias Professional Guidance, to
bring about the kind of Ireland we would all Desire to live in."
Martin Walsh.

Tony Murray

The enslavement of the Irish people must stop.

Tom moloney  
Nigel Barker  
jackie Cavanagh  
Adrian Walsh

For the people of Ireland may we have honesty, clarity of purpose/intent, fairness for all! Respect, decency

Dolores Buckley

I would like to see the people of Ireland having a voice and not being dictated to by EU.
Give us back our resources and make sure whoever is in Government that they respect the people who put them in power.

Clare O'Neill  
David Kelly

For the people of Ireland

Marcella Mc Killion

We the people, have a constitutional right to hold our elected representatives accountable for their failings. Give the people of Ireland this right.

Evan maher  
damian gibney

grate idea

Julie Phibbs

I call for this petition to be enacted!

John Munnis  
Linda Ryan

I Support Direct Democracy in Ireland.

Philip Ryan  
Toirleach O'Craobach.

I signed this petition because it make great business sense for me as a Irish citizen common sense.

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Displaying 1 - 18 of 18