A National Day Of Unity

A National Day of Unity will require Fellow Brothers and Sisters Families and Friends to take to the streets of Towns, Villages, and Cities, across the Nation on a given day to Facilitate and Celebrate the Establishment of what myself and Joe Guilfoyle

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Prior To The Lisbon Treaty 2

There is absolutely no Legal, Political, Moral or Fellow Citizens view point that can refute the fact that the Lisbon Treaty is an Undemocratic Process.

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A Deafening Shameful Silence

It is fair to say that the Minority of our Fellow Citizens who have Campaigned against Some of the Many Failures of the State over the years, on this Island, consisted of Close Family Friends

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Gobshites Day June 2007

During the Formation of a Government

Under no circumstances what so ever should any Government which has so Clearly Failed in its Duties be re-elected to Office. To do so would be to Accept the Unacceptable, and any Political Party or Private Citizen for whatever reason Selfish or Otherwise, who assists in such an outcome are as much to blame for those Failures if not more so than they are, and Clearly have a lot to answer for, one is either a part of a Solution or part of the Problem.

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Danger Zone

Rossport, County Mayo

What is occurring to our Fellow Citizens in Rossport, County Mayo is a State Crime in the Highest Order, on so many levels. The Oppression and Imprisonment of Innocent People whose crime it was to reject

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