(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh at The Central Bank of Ireland on Dame Street Dublin. With Dublin Says No To Austerity Campaigner, Ken (Calm) Doherty). Ken is a calm, resolute, committed campaigner, and a co-founder of the (Sunday Weekly Rally). Which enables me the ability to live with myself from week to week. (25.5.14)

(The Political Reality)

The unwillingness of Irish Sovereign Citizens to discuss (local), (national) and (international) politics. In a more (progressive, positive manner) at social events, and family gatherings, is an affront to our democracy.

And shrugging that (responsibility) will not exempt you from the subsequent failure of that democracy. How can we expect good local, national, and international governance, if we are unwilling as a nation to take our heads out of the sand of (Denial), get informed, and have that conversation.

And as long as (accountability) remains non-existent on this island the outcome of whom ever is appointed to govern this island will be the same, (failure), with no political will to resolve anything. And as long as we (defend), (make excuses for), and (reward that failure), the longer that failure will continue.

(A Begrudging Culture)

Despite oppression, and the many inflictions hurled at this small island and its citizens over the years, it has produced some of the greatest (visionaries), (writers), (graduates), (entrepreneurs), and (revolutionaries), etc. that have ever walked the face of the earth.

These potential (solution finding), (problem solving innovators who had to emigrate over the years), had the ability, and still do have that ability, to transform this small island beyond our wildest dreams. So why is this not our reality? Why is there darkness instead of light? Pessimism instead of hope? Begrudgery instead of facilitation?

Why is it so difficult for indigenous Irish businesses to access funding for development? while foreign investors receive lucrative tax incentives. When are we ever going to realise that it is our attitude, our actions and inactions, and the choices and decisions we make, that determines the type of society we live in.

M. P. Walsh 27.5.14