(Pictured above at the Central Bank Location on Dame Street in Dublin, M.P. Walsh with Fellow Campaigner and Integrity Ireland member Ken Donnelly. 17.1.16.)

Suffering, Misery and Fear:

We have as Sovereign Citizens an Obligation to the Welfare of our State and to One Another. But it would seem we Care More about our Cars, Holidays, and English Football Clubs than we do about the Horrific Failures the State has Inflicted on so Many of our Fellow Citizens, and this is Truly a Shameful Indictment on Us as a Nation.

M. P. Walsh

Those Who Can:

‘It is not our Responsibility as Citizens to Create Solutions for our Many Complex Social, Economic, Legal, Political, Medical, and Constitutional Woes.

It is however our Sovereign Responsibility to Create a Culture of Unity and Accountability to Facilitate Those Who Can.

M. P. Walsh 20.1.16