(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh with fellow campaigner Donna Thompson, attending the Greek Solidarity Demonstration at The Central Bank location, Dame Street, Dublin 4.7.15)

I believe there is a solution for every problem, an answer to every relevant question. But what we do not have is political will to seek those solutions and answers, and until the sovereign citizens of Europe demand that political will, there will be no resolutions for anything.

There was a time when I was prepared to fight for National Ideals, now this view seems absolutely absurd and ridiculous, because there is no Nationality anymore, only humanity and the universe, the virtuous and amoral, good and evil.

The political ideologies, religions, and dare I say it markets, are only as democratic, compassionate, and progressive as their practitioners. This is why the sovereign citizens of the world must be the overseers and final arbiters in the governance of the nations of the world.

M. P. Walsh