(Pictured above: A United Front, at The Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin 15.6.14)

There is no (Recurring Failure) of our political establishment that can occur without our (unified acceptance). And there can be no solution found, without our (unified insistence).

So it is time, for the campaigners of Ireland to unite. To end the derisions, and entrenched positions of causes, which are serving no other purpose but to (divide), (defeat), and (dishearten) us.

And campaign nationally for the unity of sovereign citizens, and the reinstating of our (citizens signature referendum mechanism – see Article 27 Amendment), otherwise we will be campaigners till we go to our graves, and the children being born today will have to live with the consequences of our failure to do so.

Yours sincerely,

M. P. Walsh (16.6.14)