(Pictured above in the Cabinet Room of the Mansion House on Dawson Street in Dublin for the turning of the Sovereign Seal Ceremony to mark Ireland’s Independence Day on January 21st Midday 2016, M. P. Walsh with (IRB) Irish Republican Brotherhood President Billy Mc Guire left holding the Sovereign Seal which symbolises our sovereignty as Individuals and as a Nation and Harry O’Reilly (IRB) Associate right. 21.1.16)


The Cabinet Room in the Mansion House on Dawson St. in Dublin is where our first Legitimate Sovereign Government and House of Parliament (Dail Eireann) Resided and deliberated throughout those turbulent times during the War of Independence.

It was Ratified and Legitimised by attaining 73 Parliamentary Seats out of 105 in an all Ireland 32 County General Election in 1918, and then came into Law by the Cabinet Elect at a Ceremony in the Mansion House (Dail Eireann) on January 21st Midday 1919.

But because of the Threat of Immediate and Terrible war upon the Irish People by the then British Government in 1921, it was Illegally and Brutally Oppressed and Abandoned by the new 26 Counties Free State Provisional Government in (Leinster House) in 1922.

There have been many times when I have tried to imagine what it must have been like to face a Firing Squad, or to be a Cabinet Minister at that Pivotal Period in Irish History Courageously Defying on our behalf one of the most Oppressive Empires in Human History so that we could have the Freedom to Choose who Governed our Nation.

So it is time for us now as a Sovereign Nation of what ever Creed, Views, and Opinions, to recognise and Celebrate the Legitimacy of Ireland’s Independence Day January 21st Midday 1919.

M. P. Walsh 24.1.16