To Fellow Campaigners and Fellow Citizens, We would like to commence this communication with a Sincere Acknowledgement and Appreciation of the Struggles of all National Campaigners even those with only recent participation better late than never.

We believe as long as there are Campaigners like you striving for Something Better this Country will always have Hope, but that Hope will only ever become a prelude to a reality when the entire Nation strives for it.

This is why we are appealing to all Campaigners to work together Nationally to Inspire and Facilitate the General Public at large to participate in a National Day of Unity.

For us personally, as Irish Citizens and Campaigners the Capitulation and Outsourcing of our Sovereign Responsibilities to a Governing Elite and our Insistence to be led by them is totally alien to us because there is absolutely no Political Ideology, or Leadership more important than the Ideals of Justice, Fairness and Equality, Democracy, and Liberty and it is to these Ideals, and these Ideals only that We pledge our allegiance to. It is with these Ideals in mind now that we would like to see the inclusion of a Citizens Signature Referendum Mechanism enshrined in our Constitution that could be enacted by a percentage of our Citizen’s signatures to Facilitate the outcome of National Referendums on any Issues of National or International Importance. We believe the inclusion of such a mechanism enshrined in our Constitution followed by an Adequate Period of Impartial and Professional Debate and Deliberations on the Issues or Issue would allow us the Citizens of this State for the first time to Take Control of our Own Destiny.

But only a Nation whose People are United and looking out for one another can ever expect to see such Aspirations become a Reality on this Island.

When We became political activists many years ago it was in the Hope that one day We would see our Fellow Country Men and Women United, Assertive and always Striving for Something Better.

M.P. Walsh & Joe Guilfoyle
Granville Hotel Waterford

This is our national day of independence, and should be a public holiday and national celebration.

Yours sincerely,

M. P. Walsh
Joe Guilfoyle