Oh where to now my Raging
Pointing Anger Scorns? at slant
of pen on Tally Follies Known?

The Great Listener kissed the
youthful flesh that beckons Fate,
who were Betrayed by Accepting Hands
of Spawning Guiding Elders.

As eye to eye and heart to heart
of toe to toe to his Alluring Spin
they flock. In Denial and Indifferent
to Fragmented OATHS along their trails
they tread, or our ailing Democracy
upon our trolley bed.

June 2007

During the Formation of a Government

Under no circumstances what so ever should any Government which has so Clearly Failed in its Duties be re-elected to Office. To do so would be to Accept the Unacceptable, and any Political Party or Private Citizen for whatever reason Selfish or Otherwise, who assists in such an outcome are as much to blame for those Failures if not more so than they are, and Clearly have a lot to answer for, one is either a part of a Solution or part of the Problem.

M.P.Walsh & Joe Guilfoyle, June 2007


The Caustic Sentiments expressed in the wording above simply Captures the Depth of Despair that Overwhelmed us at that time, at the thought of so many of our Fellow Citizens reinstating a Failed Entity. We are often asked after such expressions, what is the alternative, and our response is always the same; SOMETHING BETTER, and the sooner we all as a United People Embrace such a Concept, the sooner it will begin to Manifest itself in our Reality.

M.P.Walsh & Joe Guilfoyle, March 2012