I am not an Irish Republican myself, although this is probably due to the fact that I have had the Good Fortune to be born and reared on a part of this Island that was Free from the Oppression and illegal occupation of English Rule.

I was however Very Much Opposed to English Rule on this Island, and would have been today if it were not for the Courageous Leadership taken by the Protestant and Catholic Elect, to Establish what I personally consider to be an Evolutionary Process that will in time Unify this Island and all of it’s People.

I can though unlike some Southern Critics more than Fully Appreciate the Level of Frustration that some Fellow North Eastern Citizens are having with the slow pace of Change with this Process, but that’s what it is Change, and to take the Life of a Fellow Human Being in the name of the Irish Republic in the Ireland of today is in my Opinion, Unnecessary so therefore Amoral.

My own personal views of the English Ruling Classes of the past and relatively recent past, was one of Arrogance, Hypocrisy and Oppression. While their Brave and Courageous People Fought and Died in two World Wars, for the Democracy and Freedom of Humanity, their Governing Ruling Classes, with their Pompous, Grandiose Speeches of fighting them on the beaches while Simultaneously Imposing their Will on Nations like Ireland, was Profoundly Hypocritical and Arrogant.

I do not see that Arrogance though in the English Governance of today; in its place I see Hope, Potential, Opportunity. Opportunity to Change things utterly for the Better.

Yours Sincerely, Irish Citizen, 
M.P.Walsh 16/02/12