No judge swaying
gavel, or judas
Governing verb, nor
Bias Pages of
Pompous Obtuse Ink.

Or scollop grasping
Birthright Claim,
beneath the Broadhaven
gimlet pillaged
Western shore.

Would spawn the
Precious Flesh, or
lay a weary head beneath
the Bellanaboy moon.

Or tread on Trust
on Glengad beach, in a
Rossport Mayo dawn.

August 2008

Rossport, County Mayo

What is occurring to our Fellow Citizens in Rossport, County Mayo is a State Crime in the Highest Order, on so many levels. The Oppression and Imprisonment of Innocent People whose crime it was to reject an Unsatisfactory Situation. A Situation their Oppressors and Critics themselves would have rejected if it were on their doorsteps, and the forfeit of the Nation’s Oil and Gas to SHELL, will see the loss of Badly Needed Revenue that could have been used to build Badly Needed Hospitals and Schools.

A Natural Resource claimed on behalf of the Nation by the Brave Women and Men of our past, who have been betrayed by this State Crime and many other Similar Failures like it over the years, only in a Culture of Accountability will our Brightest and Best come to the fore in all aspects of our Public and Private lives, and only when we Shift the Emphasis of importance from who we Choose to Elect to holding to Account Who we Choose to Elect will the Mistakes and Failures from the Choices and Decisions we have Freely made in the past be Rectified.

Joe and myself believe a Prosperous, Successful Ireland for all is not just a Dream, it can be our Reality if Together, we Choose to make it so.

Dreams Are the Wombs Of Reality, And Realities Are The Birth Of Dreams. So Dream the impossible Dreams.

M.P. Walsh