(Pictured above left to right: John (Informing) Moran and M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin)

John believes passionately in informing citizens of their civil rights, and he is the type of campaigner that inspires me the most, because he is prepared to travel from Dundalk Co. Louth, to participate in our (Sunday Weekly Rally) in Dublin. While the good citizens of Ireland remain in (denial), and in their (beds). 22.6.14


The reason our political representatives address us in such a condescending, patronising manner, as if we were children. Is because we appoint them to take care of us, and our interests as if we were children. We over pay them, do not hold them to account for anything, and then get all upset and bothered for a day or two, when we find out what the hell they have been up to.

M. P. Walsh 26.6.14