(pictured above left to right: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin, with a Dublin Says No to Austerity campaigner (Derek James Byrne). (13.4.14)

The economic crisis in Europe is no longer the sole responsibility and concern of our parliamentarians and markets.

Because its fallout has affected, and will continue to affect directly or indirectly, every citizen in Europe.

So we can continue to remain divided with our heads in the sand or we can unite, as sovereign citizens of Europe.

With the purpose of pursuing the establishment of a new democratically elected parliament in Europe, held to account by us the sovereign citizens of Europe.

The alternative to this proposal would be to return to our own individual currencies, hold our own respective parliaments to account.

Take personal responsibility for reckless borrowing, and insist on (as united sovereign citizens of Europe) for a debt conference on European debt.

What ever the course of action taken now there will be some pain, but an endurable pain if it is a journey with a destination chosen by us the sovereign citizens of Europe.

Pros. (Interest Rates adjustment capabilities)

Cons. (Devaluation of currency)

Your sincerely,

Fellow European

M. P. Walsh


(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street, Dublin, with anti-eviction campaigner (Amy Malone) who is one of the most compassionate, caring, committed campaigner I have ever met. (13.4.14).