Oh omit the Words that Passion
Evoke, for Liberty, Old Eireann
Alone against an Empire Spoke.

Oh omit the Spectre of Valour
that intent a Murderous Hand,
that cast a Grieving Sorrow to
Free Old Ireland.

Oh omit the Hearts that Loved
this land,. oh Hearts drew Death
in Easter Stand, guided, lead
pierced aim, by Foreign Command.

Oh omit my Seething Dark that
Enrages Within, and may the
“Treacherous Govern Cast,
no shameful Loss, not Win.

September 2009

Prior To The Lisbon Treaty 2

There is absolutely no Legal, Political, Moral or Fellow Citizens view point that can refute the fact that the Lisbon Treaty is an Undemocratic Process. It’s Current Architects have denied many Citizens their Right to vote and has Arrogantly Ignored those who have, this is not the basics for Trust, Transparency or Accountability, on any Issue period, and will be dogged by Mistrust and Strife. As long as the European Project remains a process by the Elite, for the Elite, it is doomed to Fail at Enormous Cost to the Citizens of Europe. This is why we must hold out for a  Democratic Europe, anything less will be a Betrayal and Sell Out of such an Aspiration, only a process by the People, for the People, will achieve slow but assured Democratic Objectives. As for all those who now Conspire to Promote the Betrayal of my Countries hard won Democracy and Freedom, I hold in Contempt in the Highest Order.

On Reflection 03/10/2009

Is Eireann a Helpless Tizzied Mistress, who depends on her Foreign Suitor to pay her way? Or is Eireann a “Man with Balls and Honour, Standing Upright and moving forward in a Progressive Motion”? On reflection yes, Eireann is most definitely Male, but oh what a Wimp of a Male.

Lisbon Parliament

The depth of Influence this Illegal, Self Appointed and Unaccountable Monstrosity that is the European Parliament has over our Sheepish Political System Deeply Troubles me, I am a Private Person, but it is Impossible to remain Silent and Motionless at the Shameful Demise of our Democracy.

I am aware that we have received funding from Europe, but that does not Justify Dictatorship and that funding was More than Adequately Justified by the Thousands of Courageous Irish Services Men who perished in the defeat of tyranny in Europe, and those who helped to Rebuild it afterwards. Not to mention the Present Day Plundering of our Fish Stocks worth Billions.

I Fear in time our waning Agriculture and Indigenous Industries will be replaced by global produce, and the emergence of big Global Businesses to the Detriment of our Exchequer and Self-Sufficiency, something to which all Free Nations in or out of the European Union should be Entitled to Aspire to and all of it Facilitated by Years of mismanagement.

My own personal views on Political Ideologies regardless of their origins is to Embrace what is Useful and Disregard what is Useless, in the Best Interest of this Country and all of its citizens, but to be fair to our Political System, it simply Mirrors the Chaos that is Ourselves; with no Unified Purpose, Meaning or Direction swaying to the Left, Right, and Centre.

So whatever the Direction Chosen for us by our Democratic Process let it be one with a Clear Mandate held to Account that Everyone will Benefit from. As for the European Parliament, until it Embraces such Ideals and Proves to the People of Europe that it has their Best Interests at Heart, I for one will Never Acknowledge its Right to Exist.


As for our Crippling Financial Burden Partially Imposed and Partially Self Inflicted, there will have to be sooner or later a Resolution found that we can economically sustain, because it is in the Euro’s interest, that such a Resolution be Found. If not then we should prepare to get out of the Euro, and align ourselves with Nations that are prepared to do business with us in a Just, Honourable and Democratic fashion.

M.P.Walsh August 2011




I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of myself and all of the Democratic Loving Citizens of this World,  to Thank all of the British Citizens who for Legitimate Reasons had the Courage to Vote in favour of Democracy over Monetary Gain.

Because Societies that are built on the pursuit of Self Interest only, will Never Ever Achieve a Fairer, Just, Democratic World, Free from Inequality, Poverty, Racism, Political Failures & Wars.

The Governing Elite of this World are nothing more than Glorified Employees of the Sovereign Citizens of this World. But because of our Lack of Unity, and Failure to Hold Them to Account for Anything, the Democratic Process Globally is Unfit for Purpose, and will Continue to be so while they have Us working for them.