The united campaigners attending the Dublin Sunday Weekly Rally, are appealing to all of the citizens on the island of Ireland for whom justice, fairness, equality, democracy, and liberty, are not mere words, but ideals worth fighting for.

To campaign locally, and nationally, for the reinstating of our  (citizens signature referendum mechanism – see (Article 27 Amendment) into our (constitution). To facilitate the nations participation in the governance of our country, and to ensure that never again will campaigners have to endure the elements on our streets to attain (reform), (resolution), and (accountability) on any relevant issue, or issues, deemed to be in the national interest by the sovereign citizens of Ireland.

It would also be appropriate to one day see the establishment of a  (global citizens signature referendum mechanism) to facilitate the citizens of the world to deliberate on important issues that effected the entire planet.

Your sincerely,

United Campaigners

on O’Connell Street Dublin 26.10.14