(Pictured above: In unison, united campaigners, at the Sunday weekly rally, Dublin City Centre.)

(The Purpose of The Unite Citizens Initiative)

The purpose of the Unite Citizens Initiative, is not to replace our (political establishment), but to take control of it as united sovereign citizens, and direct it with the aid of a citizens forum and a citizens constitutional referendum mechanism, towards a fair, just, and progressive society. That we all want to live in.

(A Citizens Forum)

A Citizens forum, would consist of a democratically appointed selection of (honourable non-bias professional advisors) to the electorate, of our institutions, for a (true republic). Which would only be necessary if the electorate required professional guidance prior to a referendum.

(A Citizens Constitutional Referendum Mechanism)

A citizens constitutional referendum mechanism, would be a signature induced referendum. To facilitate citizens participation in the governance, transformation, and reform of the entire country, and political system, which we must be prepared to fund, on the premise that those who have the most should contribute the most.

(A Legal Directive)

The legal directive received, by the Unite Citizens Initiative to establish a (Citizens Forum and a Citizens Constitutional Referendum Mechanism) in our constitution, was as follows:

1. By legal process

2. By national referendum

3. By making it an election issue

so our signatures, as with the future, is in our own hands.

Your sincerely,

M. P. Walsh (24.5.14)