A National Day of Unity will require Fellow Brothers and Sisters Families and Friends to take to the streets of Towns, Villages, and Cities, across the Nation on a given day to Facilitate and Celebrate the Establishment of what myself and Joe Guilfoyle and all of the Great Campaigners we have had the privilege to meet over the years consider to be the most Important Component of any True Republic and that is of course a United People looking out for one another. Such an event would clearly re-establish a sense of Pride in Ourselves and our Country and draw a line under the Destructive Retrograde Aspects of our Culture that would then lay the foundation for the emergence of a True Democratic and Progressive Republic and all that that would entail.

The days of casting our votes and hoping for the best must come to an end because the Solutions Required for our many Social and Economic Problems and the Development and Modernization of the entire Country do not exclusively lay at the heart of any particular Political Ideology who are after all merely the facilitators of an outcome, but more importantly lays with the Implementation of the Right Progressive Policies, for the Right Progressive Results that are in the Best Interests of this Country and all of its citizens.

So Crucially it is us the Sovereign Citizens who must decide what those Progressive Policies should be and us the Sovereign People with one United Voice must Demand the Implementation of such Policies because a Political System not held to account by its Electorate is a Governance that has no Meaning, Purpose or Direction that will sooner or later become self absorbed in its own Importance and Self Interests, and will Squander and Waste the Resources and Taxes of the Nation.

M.P.Walsh & Joe Guilfoyle