(Pictured above at the Central Bank Location on Dame St. in Dublin M.P.Walsh with 69 years old Anti-Austerity Campaigner Frank Smyth from Drogheda Co. Louth. 6.3.16)


Frank is truly one of the most Fascinating and Knowledgable Campaigner I have ever met.

A man of Great Integrity with a Fighting Spirit, and despite his impaired eyesight travels alone every Sunday with a cane in hand from Drogheda Co. Louth, to exercise his Democratic Right to Protest against Austerity on the Streets of Dublin.

Throughout his life he has been a Non-Conformist against Hypocrisy and Injustice in an era when Conformity was the Order of the Day.

On Christmas Day in 2014 at the age of 67 while most of us were tucking into some turkey, Frank raised €750.00  for the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service in Drogheda Co Louth by pouring 110 buckets of icy cold water from the Boyne River over his head.

Now to the Apathetic, Servile Citizens of Ireland, this is how you Proclaim a Republic in the Ireland of today, not by following Frank’s Lead, but by following Frank’s Example.

M.P.Walsh 8.3.16


Santa Frank’s Bucket Water Challenge Christmas Day 2014