It is fair to say that the Minority of our Fellow Citizens who have Campaigned against Some of the Many Failures of the State over the years, on this Island, consisted of Close Family Friends and Relatives of those Most Afflicted by those Failures, and some Fellow Citizens like myself who were outraged at the lack of Political Will to resolve those Issues, and knowing that our Failure to do so would probably one day result in those Failures Afflicting us or Someone we Care about. As for the Majority of our Fellow Citizens, many of whom now find themselves Angered in Incrimination, we have had a Deafening Shameful Silence, and Apathetic Indifference, over the years, and it is these aspects of our Culture along with our Tribal Divided Political blind Loyalties and Begrudging Self-Interests, that is at the Root Cause of all that Ails this Country, and not our Inept and Corrupt Bankers, Politicians and Developers, etc. who are merely a consequence of our Deafening Shameful Silence.

These are the aspects of our Culture I was referring to when I wrote about a Culture Revolution, and it is these aspects of our Culture that myself and Joe and Others want to see the back of, because we know nothing is going to change for the better on this Island until we change these aspects of our Culture for the better and see it into fruition by having a National Day of Unity across the Island of Ireland.

The cause Joe and myself and Others have pursued was and still is to the best of our abilities a quest for Justice and Fairness for all, and to see the Establishment of a True Democratic and Progressive Republic, presided over, and held to Account by a True Sovereign and United People, which on this day (25/02/11) we most Regrettably and most Definitely are not.