M. P. Walsh at the GPO, General Post Office, on O’Connell Street, Dublin. With the Citizens Amendment Petition and Public Communication Leaflet every Sunday from 9am to 4pm.

WEEKLY RALLY (Cancelled)


As the above title implies, we are not living in a Democracy. We are Existing in a Dysfunctional Society. That is of course unless you are fortunate enough to be Wealthy, in which case you are Living in a Dysfunctional Society Read more . The sense of Justice in our Humanity regardless of our Background, Privileges, or Political Persuasions, should tell us that this is Unacceptable and that Together United we Must Become Actively Involved to Resolve it. It is in our Gift United to Establish whatever Republic we want. This has always been our Position since 1922. At any time United we could have exercised our Democratic Right to be Heard, but we Remained Silent. Generation after Generation we have Remained Subservient, Apathetic, and Silent towards the Failures of the Irish  State. This Undemocratic Mind Set in Conjunction with our hands off Self Imposed Exile from the Very Crucial Process of Citizens with Professional Guidance Initiating Local and National Policies, have Facilitated Greedy Vested Interests and Wealthy Businesses to Influence both National Policies and Parliamentarian Legislation for their own Enrichment, to the Detriment of the Irish State and its Citizens. So if you want to Honour the Legitimate Revolutionaries of Ireland’s past, then Stop Celebrating their Deaths and Help to Establish the Irish Republic they Fought for Peacefully and Democratically by Signing our Citizens Amendment Petition and Help to Establish a True Democratic Citizens Republic. YOURS SINCERELY MARTIN PAUL WALSH (WWW.UNITECITIZENS.COM) JOHN MORAN ( YOUR-RIGHTS-AND-THE-LAW.COM )... read more


The Cabinet Room in the Mansion House on Dawson St. in Dublin is where our first Legitimate Sovereign Government and House of Parliament (Dail Eireann) Resided and deliberated throughout those turbulent times during the War of Independence.

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A Process of Change

We have as independent sovereign citizens incorporated into our every day lives the act of peaceful protest. With a moral purpose and forthright view, that eventually the protest element must be replaced by a nation…

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As I headed down Grafton Street to attend the Sunday rally at The Central Bank, these two students fund raising for essential equipment for the New Children’s Hospital when it is built, caught my attention.

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It’s Better Than Doing Nothing

(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh at The Central Bank location, Dame Street, Dublin, with a friend and fellow campaigner Diana Martin 28.6.15) Despite Diana’s crippling arthritis and pessimistic, defeatist friends telling her that she is wasting her time marching every Sunday. She believes its better than doing nothing. What a woman, what a campaigner, what a citizen. M. P.... read more

We Must Lead By Example

(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street, Dublin 14.6.15) “Duty is what one expects from others, it is not what one does oneself.” (Oscar Wilde) We Must Lead By Example We expect our Governing Ministers to be above and beyond reproach while at the same time reserving the right to bend and on occasions break the rules with impunity. This is not to say that some rules should not be broken and changed. M. P. Walsh... read more


(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street, Dublin. 7.6.15. With Co-Founder and Chairman, Michael Blanch, and Chairwoman, Betty Blanch, from Tallaght.) Michael and Betty Blanch, along with their family, campaigned for five years to establish A Famine Day of Remembrance. Which they achieved in 2008. www.ccifv.ie (Committee, Commemoration, Irish, Famine, Victims.) I consider it a great honour to have their story included on the Unite Citizens website, because they epitomise everything the Unite Citizens Initiative stands for. M. P. Walsh 8.6.15... read more

True Democracy

(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh at The Central Bank location, Dame Street, Dublin. With his two nieces, Sharon and Alana Walsh, left and right respectively. 26.4.15) “True democracy is not a democratically appointed governance, it is a progressive assertive Nation, with a National Soul” M. P. Walsh... read more

2nd Year Anniversary

The chocolate cake symbolises our second year of campaigning on the streets of Dublin. The Article 27 reference refers to the removal of Section 2 in 1941 from our 1937 Irish Constitution. Which omitted our legal and constitutional right as Irish citizens to enact a National Referendum. So it is our position and view, that it is totally and absolutely unacceptable in the Ireland of today that we the sovereign citizens of Ireland should have to appeal to the government of the day for what should be our National and Constitutional right. Your sincerely, United Campaigners At the Central Bank Location, Dame Street, Dublin... read more


(Pictured above: Gavin Harold and Keith Rielly on O’Connell Street, Dublin. 15.3.15) There is no point in amending the constitution, or replacing the old guard with something new, if we are going to continue as before. Because we are not mere witnesses in our failed, divided Republic. We are accessories in its creation. M. P. Walsh... read more

Why We March

(Pictured above: United Campaigners on O’Connell Street, Dublin 8.2.15) Why We March To promote a new era of Unity, of National Sovereign Solidarity. In the creation of political will, to resolve our many social and economic failures, peacefully and democratically.   M. P. Walsh... read more

A Citizens Revolt

These rallies are not just about Irish Water. It is much more profound than that. It is about how our country is governed, and what role we have to play in that governance as individuals, and as a nation. M. P. Walsh 18.1.15 read more

The Green Shoots of Our Economy

(Pictured above from left to right: Gareth Davis and Ian Kelly, at the Central Bank Location, Dame Street, Dublin) If you were to nuke a forest it would eventually grow back, without any assistance whatsoever. The question is though what kind of a forest would it become? Would it be as before the forest of GREED, CORRUPTION, and INEQUALITY? Or would it become the forest of JUSTICE, FAIRNESS, EQUALITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Where all of its inhabitants benefit? M. P. Walsh... read more

Action for Suicide Prevention Dublin

(Pictured from left to right: Emirjeta Doda, Aoibheann McShane, Luke Clerkin, Tayna Comiskey) At the central Bank Location, Dame Street Dublin 2.11.14 Some of the inspiring young citizens who are involved in the Action for Suicide Prevention Dublin campaign. “Together We Are... read more

A Citizens Mandate

The united campaigners attending the Dublin Sunday Weekly Rally, are appealing to all of the citizens on the island of Ireland for whom justice, fairness, equality, democracy, and liberty, are not mere words, but ideals worth fighting for. To campaign locally, and nationally, for the reinstating of our  (citizens signature referendum mechanism – see (Article 27 Amendment) into our (constitution). To facilitate the nations participation in the governance of our country, and to ensure that never again will campaigners have to endure the elements on our streets to attain (reform), (resolution), and (accountability) on any relevant issue, or issues, deemed to be in the national interest by the sovereign citizens of Ireland. It would also be appropriate to one day see the establishment of a  (global citizens signature referendum mechanism) to facilitate the citizens of the world to deliberate on important issues that effected the entire planet. Your sincerely, United Campaigners on O’Connell Street... read more

Armchair Witticism – Dublin Says No

(Pictured above left to right: Paul (The Rock) Madden and M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin.) “Irish Water is only a symptom of the disease in Irish society: A corrupt undemocratic political system.” – Paul Madden Paul is a solid committed campaigner, and is one of the original group who took to the streets of Dublin on the 31.3.13 M. P. Walsh... read more

Citizens Sovereign Responsibility

It is the position and view of the Dublin Sunday Weekly Rally campaigners, that the millions of our taxes spent on establishing Irish Water, should have been used to upgrade and modernise the entire water system, on the island of Ireland. And it is then, and only then should we the sovereign citizens of Ireland have decided if we wanted water meters or not, and how we wanted to fund Irish Water into the future. This we protest is what should have happened, and this we know is exactly what would have happened, if we had insisted on it, as a united sovereign nation. M. P. Walsh... read more


(Pictures above left to right: Colm Roddy (72) and M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin. “Great to see people empowered!” – Colm Roddy, 3.8.14) When it comes to supporting charities the Irish people are probably second to none. A truly honourable trait. But when it comes to prioritising what is most important on this island, we have some serious readjustments to make. When sporting events and american country singers become more important than the wellbeing of this country, and all of our fellow citizens, I have to ask why? M. P.... read more

A Little Understanding Of The Past

A true republic, can not be attained and maintained by mere words and mechanisms alone. It requires the continuous participation of all its citizens, young and old alike. I also believe it is important to have a little understanding of the past, to have an appreciation of the present, and future. Whether that understanding is an acknowledgement  of the sacrifices made on your behalf, by your parents, or revolutionaries. To achieve (a true republic) we must have a unified progressive vision of the future. We must also become informed of our legal rights and entitlements as Irish sovereign citizens, which you can now attain by viewing (Your Legal and Constitutional Rights as Irish Citizens) page on this website, courtesy of John Moran from Co. Louth. M. P. Walsh... read more


(Pictured above left to right: John (Informing) Moran and M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin) John believes passionately in informing citizens of their civil rights, and he is the type of campaigner that inspires me the most, because he is prepared to travel from Dundalk Co. Louth, to participate in our (Sunday Weekly Rally) in Dublin. While the good citizens of Ireland remain in (denial), and in their (beds). 22.6.14 (Farcical) The reason our political representatives address us in such a condescending, patronising manner, as if we were children. Is because we appoint them to take care of us, and our interests as if we were children. We over pay them, do not hold them to account for anything, and then get all upset and bothered for a day or two, when we find out what the hell they have been up to. M. P. Walsh... read more

Strength In Unity

(Pictured above left to right: Janette Laffan and Penny Laffan at O’Connell Street Dublin 15.6.14) If I stride, and strive, to shoulder an ideal many times greater than my own capacity, it becomes an impossible task. But if others assist me in my endeavours, it becomes a possibility. This is the philosophy of the Unite Citizens Initiative. M. P. Walsh... read more

So It Is Time

(Pictured above: A United Front, at The Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin 15.6.14) There is no (Recurring Failure) of our political establishment that can occur without our (unified acceptance). And there can be no solution found, without our (unified insistence). So it is time, for the campaigners of Ireland to unite. To end the derisions, and entrenched positions of causes, which are serving no other purpose but to (divide), (defeat), and (dishearten) us. And campaign nationally for the unity of sovereign citizens, and the reinstating of our (citizens signature referendum mechanism – see Article 27 Amendment), otherwise we will be campaigners till we go to our graves, and the children being born today will have to live with the consequences of our failure to do so. Yours sincerely, M. P. Walsh... read more

The Political Reality and the Cost of a Begrudging Culture

(Pictured above: M. P. Walsh at The Central Bank of Ireland on Dame Street Dublin. With Dublin Says No To Austerity Campaigner, Ken (Calm) Doherty). Ken is a calm, resolute, committed campaigner, and a co-founder of the (Sunday Weekly Rally). Which enables me the ability to live with myself from week to week. (25.5.14) (The Political Reality) The unwillingness of Irish Sovereign Citizens to discuss (local), (national) and (international) politics. In a more (progressive, positive manner) at social events, and family gatherings, is an affront to our democracy. And shrugging that (responsibility) will not exempt you from the subsequent failure of that democracy. How can we expect good local, national, and international governance, if we are unwilling as a nation to take our heads out of the sand of (Denial), get informed, and have that conversation. And as long as (accountability) remains non-existent on this island the outcome of whom ever is appointed to govern this island will be the same, (failure), with no political will to resolve anything. And as long as we (defend), (make excuses for), and (reward that failure), the longer that failure will continue. (A Begrudging Culture) Despite oppression, and the many inflictions hurled at this small island and its citizens over the years, it has produced some of the greatest (visionaries), (writers), (graduates), (entrepreneurs), and (revolutionaries), etc. that have ever walked the face of the earth. These potential (solution finding), (problem solving innovators who had to emigrate over the years), had the ability, and still do have that ability, to transform this small island beyond our wildest dreams. So why is this not our... read more

A Citizens Forum and A Citizens Constitutional Referendum Mechanism

(Pictured above: In unison, united campaigners, at the Sunday weekly rally, Dublin City Centre.) (The Purpose of The Unite Citizens Initiative) The purpose of the Unite Citizens Initiative, is not to replace our (political establishment), but to take control of it as united sovereign citizens, and direct it with the aid of a citizens forum and a citizens constitutional referendum mechanism, towards a fair, just, and progressive society. That we all want to live in. (A Citizens Forum) A Citizens forum, would consist of a democratically appointed selection of (honourable non-bias professional advisors) to the electorate, of our institutions, for a (true republic). Which would only be necessary if the electorate required professional guidance prior to a referendum. (A Citizens Constitutional Referendum Mechanism) A citizens constitutional referendum mechanism, would be a signature induced referendum. To facilitate citizens participation in the governance, transformation, and reform of the entire country, and political system, which we must be prepared to fund, on the premise that those who have the most should contribute the most. (A Legal Directive) The legal directive received, by the Unite Citizens Initiative to establish a (Citizens Forum and a Citizens Constitutional Referendum Mechanism) in our constitution, was as follows: 1. By legal process 2. By national referendum 3. By making it an election issue so our signatures, as with the future, is in our own hands. Your sincerely, M. P. Walsh... read more


(Pictured above right to left: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin, with Dublin Says No to Austerity Campaigner Ken Purcell. Who is one of the most passionate, committed Campaigner I have ever met. (11.5.14) A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, A republic is only as democratic, progressive, confident, and united as its people. M. P. Walsh... read more

Sovereign Responsibility

(Pictured above left to right: At the Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin. Dublin Says No To Austerity Campaigners, David Stapleton, Padraig (8), Sarah Jane Flynn, Bobby (2) 04.05.14) Oh what a country we could have if every family in Ireland were like these conscientious committed campaigners. M. P. Walsh... read more

Immigrants In Ireland

The Unite Citizens Initiative, would like to welcome immigrants to Ireland. As a former immigrant myself I know what it is like to live and work in a foreign country. I am also acutely aware of the fact that many immigrants are highly educated with skills that should be used to rebuild our economy, but instead as in many cases are exploited as cheap labour. It has to be stated though that Ireland is not a continent, it is a small country, so there will have to be a limitation on immigration into Ireland. Those granted citizenship, will be obliged to respect our laws, customs, and culture. Learn to speak the language, be prepared to work, and to be properly integrated into Irish society.   Yours sincerely, Fellow Human Being M. P. Walsh... read more

Water Meters, Water Tax, and the White Mouse in the Room

(Pictured above: anti-water tax campaigner Pauline Nixon at The Central Bank Dublin (11.5.14) The establishment of Irish Water in a culture where accountability is nonexistent, will once again insure, yet another state entity where (profit) not (conservation or quality) will be its priority. SO where does (accountability) come from? Does it come from trees, or the rays of the sun. Maybe it is blowing in the wind and rain. No, it comes from you and I taking an active and personal interest in how the hell our country is governed. M. P. Walsh... read more

Proclaiming A Republic

(Pictured above left to right: Ken (Calm) Doherty and Bill (Ice Cool) O’Gorman at The Central Bank of Ireland on Dame Street Dublin (27.4.14) We believe in achieving a (True Republic), peacefully and democratically. But if you do not (vote), or fail to exercise your democratic right to (protest), when it is required, then you forfeit your right to complain, form an opinion, or live in the (true republic) our founding forefathers and mothers had aspirations for. M. P. Walsh... read more


This photograph was taken on O’Connell Street Dublin, during the (1916) 2014 Easter Rising Commemoration. Which ironically has impeded on our weekly citizens arrest, of that very same failed republic. It has to be stated here that the wording of our constitution, which protects our rights as citizens, along with the wording of the proclamation of the Irish republic, have all been rendered impotent. Not because they lack of any depth, meaning, or substance. But because of the apathetic, indifferent Irish people, who do not insist on the merits of such words. Therefore the (1916) commemoration symbolises not glorious recognition, but national shame. M. P. Walsh... read more

A Peaceful Democratic European Accountability and National and Personal Responsibility.

  (pictured above left to right: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street Dublin, with a Dublin Says No to Austerity campaigner (Derek James Byrne). (13.4.14) The economic crisis in Europe is no longer the sole responsibility and concern of our parliamentarians and markets. Because its fallout has affected, and will continue to affect directly or indirectly, every citizen in Europe. So we can continue to remain divided with our heads in the sand or we can unite, as sovereign citizens of Europe. With the purpose of pursuing the establishment of a new democratically elected parliament in Europe, held to account by us the sovereign citizens of Europe. The alternative to this proposal would be to return to our own individual currencies, hold our own respective parliaments to account. Take personal responsibility for reckless borrowing, and insist on (as united sovereign citizens of Europe) for a debt conference on European debt. What ever the course of action taken now there will be some pain, but an endurable pain if it is a journey with a destination chosen by us the sovereign citizens of Europe. Pros. (Interest Rates adjustment capabilities) Cons. (Devaluation of currency) Your sincerely, Fellow European M. P. Walsh (Pictured above: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street, Dublin, with anti-eviction campaigner (Amy Malone) who is one of the most compassionate, caring, committed campaigner I have ever met.... read more

Unity – Accountability

(Pictured above left to right: Caroline Mc Cormack and Stephani Mc Govern at The Garden of Remembrance, Dublin. ) These are the core principles of what the Unite Citizens Initiative stands for. The unification of sovereign citizens, the accountability of our political system and its institutions. In place of our present unacceptable culture of apathy and divisions, complacency and denial. M. P. Walsh... read more

A Global View

(Pictured above right to left: M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street, Dublin, with Iceland’s all inspiring revolutionary, Hordur Thorason 15.9.13) It is not only the honourable citizens of Ireland in my opinion that need to unite, but the honourable inhabitants of the entire planet, and take back control of our world’s destiny from the minority elite, and dictators, who exploit the earth, its resources and us, for their own selfish aims. Long live the internet revolution. M. P. Walsh... read more

A True Republic

(Pictured left to right: Carole Watson-Purcell and M. P. Walsh on O’Connell Street, Dublin) A true republic from my perspective would be a united sovereign nation who would look out for one another, and who would insist on accountability of their political system and its institutions for the benefit of their country, and all of their fellow citizens.   M. P. Walsh... read more

A Paradox

It is impossible to understand the vocalised passion to see a bloody football being kicked around a field, while at the same time remaining completely indifferent to the suffering of so many of our fellow citizens. I am as passionate about sports as anyone, but it is about priorities for christ sake. The truth can be ignored, but it can never be denied. Homelessness. Poverty. Suicide. Evictions. Unemployment. Erosion of sovereignty. Undermining of constitution. Failed health care. Failed child care. Failed elderly care. Littered strewn streets and rivers. Etc. Etc. Etc. Urgent reform and accountability is required in our legal, political, financial, and medical institutions, and the directive for that change can only come from a truly sovereign and united people, with high standards of expectations, which we must become. M. P. Walsh... read more

Home Coming

(Pictured above left to right: Monica Cullen, M. P. Walsh, Hordur Thorason, outside Leinster House) This photo was taken on Molesworth Street, Dublin, at the homecoming of our over paid ministers who live in the land of far, far away, from reality that is, and prior to a failed attempt by some campaigners to get into Leinster House. But it is not in Leinster House that our problems lay, but in the apathy and indifference of the sovereign citizens of Ireland, and their complete refusal to hold our political system and its institutions to account for anything. M. P. Walsh... read more

At The General Post Office O’Connell Street Dublin 1

(A public decree), you are a very important person. You do deserve the very best. You can make a difference. A true republic, a better future for us all is possible. But if you do not believe in these ideals, then you not only betray your country and the citizens who fought in that building behind me, you betray your selves. M. P. Walsh... read more